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I’m just going to keep advertising myself until I get questions on that blog. 


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ask-bad-angel-arthur blog is up!
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Arthur looked genuinely elated, glancing over at the baby and then over at Maria with much excitement. “It’s a girl!” He exclaims happily, wiping the tears from her face and planting a gentle kiss on her cheek, “You did it, I’m proud of you!”

Maria let out a tired laugh, “Yeah…” she said softly. “I’ll go clean her up and give her check to make sure everything is ok then I’ll bring her back, until then get some rest.” She said and walked out of the room. Maria sighed looking at Arthur with a smile, “You look happy.” She said with a soft laugh.

“I am.” He replies, smiling goofily, “We have a child, that’s exciting.” Arthur pressed his forehead to hers, pecking the tip of her nose gently. “I never thought in my entire life I’d be here, fall in love, and start a family.” He says, “But I’m glad I did.”

She laughed softly, “That makes me happy to hear you say that….” She smiled and relaxed. “I never expected any of that to ever happen to me either…” She said closing her eyes for a minute then looked at Arthur, “We never even picked out a name…” She sighed, “I forgot to ask you about one…”

( you’re lucky I have a list of names on my hardrive for OCs and whatnot )

Arthur shrugged, “We’ll think of something.” He says, his smiling fading a little bit, “Soon I hope, I can probably think of a few.” He sits up in his chair a bit and ponders for a moment, “All I can think of are the names in that book I read last night… What about Delilah? That’s a nice name.” He says, tilting his head to the side.

[[all of my oc’s have jap names or basic names ;w;]]

Maria smiled, “That sounds pretty…I like it..” She said softly.

( I have a bunch of English and French names on my list but my top ones are Yuu and Mason, I don’t know why but they’ve been used the most in my short stories xD. )

"I like it too." He responds. Well it was obvious he liked it since he was the one to suggest it but still, he remained smiling happily where he sat, holding Maria’s hand in his own. 

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((how old is arthur))

( twenty three 

I changed it a while ago because 17 didn’t feel right )

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Have a drawing.

I don’t know anymore I just wanted to put it here.

Look at that little grump bug oh my god he’s so cute
Thank you c: .
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